Have you experienced ring shaped patterns when scanning images? If your answer to this question is yes, then I’m pretty sure that you are searching for ways to avoid Newton Rings. In this article, we shall explain you about Newton Rings and ways to avoid those when scanning a film.

Before we start with the steps, let us first get ourselves acquainted about Newton Rings. Newton Rings are ring-shaped patterns that may appear in images that come from scanned films. They are usually formed due to the interference that was created by the reflection of light coming from a flat surface (the scanner) onto a spherical surface (the film).

The standard method to avoid Newton Rings is to sandwich the film between the Anti-Newton Ring (AN) glass and the standard glass.  However, to make things easier, here are the steps that you can follow so that you will not get any Newton Rings on your images.

Step 1: Find the Anti-Newton Ring (AN) side of the glass and put it on the scanner with AN side facing upwards.

Step 2: Lay the piece of film on the glass with the shiny side of the film facing the AN side of the glass.

Step 3:  Carefully tape down one end of the film to the glass.

Step 4:  Place some tape on the other end and tape it down while applying tension along the length of the film. This tension will keep the film firmly against the glass in the middle although the sides might still curl away.

Step 5:  Place the glass in the holder with the film facing down.

Step 6: Scan the film.

You can now start scanning your films without the fear of getting Newton Rings in your images.

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