Princeton University Press, sponsored by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and supported by the California Institute of technology, has taken up the ambitious venture of providing online access to Albert Einstein’s writings to a wider audience than ever before. This unique initiative provides free and full public access to the translated and annotated document giving insight into Einstein’s scientific ideas and the other details of his life.

The website contains the contents of 13 volumes, containing 5,000 documents covering the first forty-four years of Einstein’s life, including the award of the Nobel Prize in Physics. This will enable the users to discover the articles on Albert Einstein’s scientific and non-scientific writings, his professional and personal correspondence, notebooks, travel diaries, personal documents. The collected Papers of Albert Einstein published by Princeton University Press is edited by The Einstein Papers Project located at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, with the assistance of The Albert Einstein Archives at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Princeton University Press and The Einstein Papers Project have planned to continue the project adding new documents to their collection till date.

On 5 december2014, the related universities and archives announced the release of the digitized archives of Albert Einstein freely available online.

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