Dust and Scratch Removal

We use both hardware based technologies and manual expertise to remove scratches.

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The Proper Method of Dust and Scratch Removal

Scratches and other unwanted spots on scanned images are caused by either actual damage or by exposure to hair, dust and dirt. The scratches on the surface are not easily discernible by the human eye, but often show up more clearly when the images are scanned and enlarged. We at ScanCorner try as hard as possible to remove the scratches using the following measures:

    • First we clean all media so as to minimize the number of scratches even before scanning. However, this can prevent only a small fraction of the potential scratches from showing up.
    • During the digitization of the photographic prints and negatives, we use Digital ICE – an armored, hardware-based dust and scratch removal process by Nikon.
    • In the case of black and white negatives and slides, where the ICE method cannot be applied, we manually remove scratches.
    • Large scratches cannot be removed using the Digital ICE process, so in that case we rely on manual processing.

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You can always contact us if you have questions. Emails are usually answered within 24 hours. Simply write to us at info@scancorner.in

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