We scan APS films at very high quality and restore each image manually pixel by pixel.

  • High quality digitization at 3000 DPI
  • Manual dust & scratch removal on PC
  • Color & brightness adjustment on each image
  • Free online gallery & Download links

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How can I protect the privacy of the pictures I send in to ScanCorner?

The privacy and protection of your images is of central importance for us. To guarantee there is no misuse of your pictures and to protect your privacy, we have implemented a layered approach in terms of our facilities and processes. In addition to operational measures including the closure and monitoring of the scanning process through electronic devices we also prohibit the use of USB ports and Internet access at our scanning stations. Thus we can guarantee that your private memories are never read by third parties.

How long do you keep a copy of my pictures?

ScanCorner keeps a copy of your images for 45 days after the date of the order. If you lose the digital images, we can still retreive the image files for you during this period of time.

How much can I increase the size of my scanned images, e.g. to print?

Print quality is often defined as approximately 3000 dpi. This would mean that a negative scanned at 3000 dpi can easily be printed in the format as a 24x36cm photo and with the same quality. But we have already tested larger formats and it is possible to get poster prints of up to approx 50x70cm. It is true for slides and negatives that you can print images approximately twice as large as the originals on paper.

Why do you provide us with an online gallery?

Because it is convenient for you! If you want to view your images or simply share pictures with friends, you can easily do this with the gallery.

Do you restore the images after digitizing the APS films?

Even during digitization, your picture is processed with the help of the so-called Digital ICE-V process and small scratches and dust are removed. During the subsequent manual post-processing, we remove, for example, deeper scratches and improve the color balance and contrast of the image. On the other hand, we cannot fix major restoration work, such as that which occurs after a mold infestation.

Which scanners does ScanCorner use when digitizing APS films?

We mainly use the Epson V700 and V750 scanners. After a few years in which we had used the legendary Nikon Coolscan 5000 ED, we switched to the Epson scanners, because they achieved at least as good results but work faster. The scanners are equipped with the Epson Dual Lens System and support the DIGITAL ICE ™ technology, which enables us to achieve consistently top results when scanning films and photos.

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