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We scan photos at very high quality and restore each image manually pixel by pixel.

    • High quality digitization at 600 DPI
    • Manual dust & scratch removal on PC
    • Color & brightness adjustment on each image
    • Free online gallery & Download links

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Printed Photos
Printed Photos
>10x15, < A4
Photo Album
Photo Album
>10x15, < A4

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Our Photo Scanning Process

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Photo Scanning FAQ (more>>)

Do you restore the images after digitizing the photos?

Even during digitization, your picture is processed with the help of the so-called Digital ICE-V process and small scratches and dust are removed. During the subsequent manual post-processing, we remove, for example, deeper scratches and improve the color balance and contrast of the image. Larger restoration work, such as those that occur after mold infestation, are not included in our standard offer. Please contact us for a quote in such cases.

What resolution (dpi) do you use when digitizing photos?

The higher the resolution of an image, the higher the image quality. ScanCorner digitizes every image format with the optimal resolution, which - depending on the image format - is different. We usually digitize photos with 600dpi and negatives and slides with 3000dpi. If you would like a higher resolution, please contact our customer service or indicate this when placing your order.

Many of my photos are faded, is it possible to lighten the colors again?

ScanCorner offers free manual color correction and restoration of every image. This step is part of our editing process and is included in the price. Our qualified staff retouches each image by hand to adjust colors and brightness, or to remove dust and scratches.

How can the privacy of my analog formats be guaranteed?

The privacy and protection of your analog media is of central importance to us. In order to prevent the misuse of your material and to protect your privacy, each order is only processed by one employee. In addition, there is no internet access on our internal servers. We can guarantee that your private memories will never be viewed by third parties.

Where can I find out the current progress of my order?

After each completed processing step, you will receive an automated status message from us. If you still want to check your current processing status on our website, please click on the "Log in" button and log in. The current status information will then be displayed.

What is special about the Eco-Scan?

With our Eco-Scan offer, you benefit from our special price without sacrificing quality. Since you meet us with the processing time, we do not send your originals back and we do not have to burn a DVD, we save costs that we pass on to you in full. Please note that we can send your originals back to you for a fee up to 6 months later. After 6 months we will send you an email to inform you before we destroy the originals.

Do you also offer Din A3 scans?

Yes, we also digitize DinA3. Since our Epson scanners have the maximum size DinA4, we divide the scan into two parts and combine them later with Adobe Photoshop Elements. The result is a true-to-original scan of the Din A3 template.

Why is it better to digitize negatives instead of photos?

A photo is a processed form of a negative. If you develop a negative as a photo, you always lose image information - the resolution. Since the photos are used more often, negatives are often in better condition than photos. Therefore, it is generally better to digitize negatives.

Which is the right file format for digitization?

The TIFF format is a lossless format. This means that all recorded information is retained and it is therefore qualitatively better than the JPEG format. The disadvantage of the TIFF format, however, is the file size and the associated "unwieldiness" of the images. A high resolution scan of 600 DPI results in a file size of 5-7MB in JPEG format and 30MB in TIFF format. We therefore recommend that our customers digitize them into JPEG format. If the file size is smaller, you can share your pictures with friends and acquaintances online more quickly and easily and use less storage space on your hard drive.

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