Are you the type of person who loves to capture each moment of your journey? If you are, I believe one of your biggest concerns now is how to organize and manage the images that you have in your computer. To help you organize and manage your photos, here are some of the “non-destructive” photo management softwares that you can use.

a. Picasa. This is a free software which is rich in features. This software makes it easy to manage vast photo collections that are stored in your computer. It has new photo editing effects, like Vignette, Borders and Duo-tone. It also has a “side by side editing” feature where you can compare two different photos side by side. Picasa has both cloud and desktop versions. You can directly upload from desktop to cloud through Picasa desktop software. Learn more about Picasa here:

b. iPhoto. This software is somewhat similar to Picasa, however, slick Apple “Entire-OS” features are integrated to it. It speeds up the organization process by offering the ability (by default) to automatically manage all of your digitized photographs in a self-contained folder. For more information about iPhoto, check this out!

c. Lightroom 4. This software helps in creating amazing images which inform, delight and inspire its audience. It brings out the best in every image with powerfully simple one-click adjustments as well as a full range of cutting-edge advanced controls. This software enables you to perfect your images as well as organize them. Read more on this software here:

d. Aperture. This software is somewhat similar to iPhoto, but it has additional features that those with advanced goals in editing or enhancing their photo collection would surely love. It is packed with innovative adjustment tools that are helpful in refining your images. For additional readings regarding this software, try this

Now you’re equipped to organize as well as enhance your digitized photographs with ease! Just choose the best software that fits your needs.

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