Video8 to DVD

The following services are included when we transfer Video 8 to DVD:

    • Transfer your videos at 1:1 speed
    • Creation of a standard chapter menu with scene selection Transfer to a blank high-quality Sony DVD Personalized DVD box with color covers

We digitize Video 8 film and transfer it to MPEG2 format, so that most DVD players can play the DVD on your television. Overall, we are able to fit 60 minutes of footage on a DVD. If your Video 8 film exceeds this time, we distribute the data over multiple DVDs. More detailed information about the prices of converting Video 8 to DVD is available in our price list.

Our Video8 to DVD Conversion Process

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Scancorner has provided excellent technical service and I am very happy with my DVDs! They converted my super 8mm film into DVDs in a very timely manner.

– Archana Yipee, 10. Jan 2013

Video8 to DVD conversion FAQ (more>>)

Will my converted Video8 tape have audio?

If the actual Video8 tape has audio in it, then the converted material will also have the audio. The resulting film on DVD will sound just like the original. Audio transfer to DVD is already included in the price.

Can I select only a particular section of video to be digitized?

Unfortunately not. At this moment, we digitize the whole video. However, we add a scene selection so that you can select you directly watch your favorite scenes. But if you have a very big order (> 1800 mins), we can consider it. Please send an e-mail to us. Our customer care executive shall get back to you.

Can I view the digitized material before you send it to me?

Yes. We shall upload a 3 min preview of the digitized video to our online gallery and send you the link. If you have any major concerns with the quality of the digitized material, you can let us know.

How is the Video8 conversion priced at ScanCorner?

At ScanCorner, we charge video conversion on a per minute basis. i.e. We don’t charge by the total number of tapes we receive but by the actual recorded video footage present in the tape. Our Video8 conversion is priced at INR 9.00/Min. We offer bulk discounts for volumes starting from 1200 minutes. Click here to know more about the Video8 conversion discounts.

Do you store the digitized video after the Video8 conversion process?

We store the digitized video for 45 days after the order is complete. i.e. After you receive your DVD. So, we ask our customers to make copies immediately after they receive the DVDs.

Can I send both photos and videos at the same time?

Yes. You can send both photos and video tapes at the same time. While placing the order, please select format type “Both” if you are sending both Video8 tapes and photos.

Can you repair my Video8 tape if it is physically damaged?

It largely depends on the kind and extent of damage on a particular tape. we can repair the tapes but we can’t guarantee that the tape will be repaired. So, you can send us the distorted video tape. We shall do our best to repair. If we can’t repair the tape, we shall send it back to you at no additional cost.

What codec does ScanCorner use for Video8 to DVD conversion process?

We use MPEG2 codec for transferring Video8 tape to DVD. And the bit rate usually depends on the video format being converted. We usually convert NTSC videos with 720×480 29 images/sec and PAL videos with 720×576 25 images/sec. Over years of experience in video conversion, we came up with different bit rates to suit the medium we are converting and the quality of original tape.

If I send ScanCorner multiple tapes, will those be put in one DVD?

As a process, we put each tape into a separate DVD. If you want multiple tapes in a single DVD, please do send us an e-mail.

Can I edit the footage that is on the DVD ScanCorner sends me?

To edit the footage we send you, you first need to “rip” the files from the DVD. Then you can import those files into video editing software and edit. However, there are certain limitations with this approach. The DVD we send contains compressed video footage. So, even if you successfully rip the files at highest quality settings, you still will be working with video footage this isn’t the best looking. And if you publish it again, after editing, to another DVD, it will suffer from another round of compression. So, we don’t generally recommend this approach.

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