Audio to DVD

We digitize audio cassettes, audio spools, gramophone recordings and store them on CDs as MP3 files.
The following services are included when transferring audio to CD:

    • Reduction of any dullness in the sound
    • Digitization with speed uniformity using a cassette deck from Denon
    • Using studio lines to prevent noise
    • Title cut to enable the repeat function
    • Sound restoration

We digitize audio recordings and transfer them to MP3 format so that a DVD player can play them easily. You can get more detailed information about the prices of converting audio to CD in our price list.

Audio to CD Conversion Process

Scancorner has provided excellent technical service and I am very happy with my DVDs! They converted my super 8mm film into DVDs in a very timely manner.
– Archana Yipee, 10. Jan 2013

Audio to DVD conversion FAQ (more>>)

What process do you use to transfer records and tapes?

At ScanCorner we use SONY Audio Deck to process and transfer the tapes and we use Gramophone recorder to process and transfer the records.

How much data is stored into an audio CD?

We can store upto 700 MB into an audio CD.

Do you store my digitized audio after my order is completed?

Yes, we can store your audio upto 45 days after the completion of your order.

How long will it take to digitize the audios?

It depends upon the quantity of the media you send us.

What are the prices for the conversion of audio cassettes?

We charge an amount of INR9.00/minute for conversion of audio cassettes

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Services Included

  • Conversion in High Quality
  • Flickering Adjustment
  • Noise Reduction
  • Brightness Adjustment
  • Black & Blue Screens Removal
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  • Download Links

Customer Survey

More than 85% of our customers are satisifed with our quality. Date of survey: 05.08.2016, N=100 Some customers are disappointed with the results because over time celluloid film deteriorates and nothing can be done to save the images.

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