We have partnered with various renowned individuals and organizations.

My Heritage


MyHeritage helps people researching their ancestry and creating digital family trees. Their network is now over 800 million people.
Link: http://www.myheritage.com

Foto Intern

Everything about photography: the latest trends, cameras, software, and information about upcoming events. Stay informed by going to Fotointern.com
Link: http://www.fotointern.com


Nikon is one of the world’s leading providers of cameras, binoculars, optical and precision medical equipment, as well as high-performance scanners.
Link: http://www.nikon.com


Epson is a global provider of information technology of all kinds, including computers and their peripherals and electronics of all kinds, including high-precision scanning equipment.
Link: http://www.epson.com


Kodak offers numerous video and photo materials and devices for their processing. These include sensors, scanners, printers, cameras, photo paper and much more.
Link: http://www.kodak.com

Book 4 You

book4you has photo books, photo calendars and photos on canvas. Design your own photo products. book4you is a multiple winner for best print quality and the simplest design software.
Link: http://www.book4you.com