For Walt Disney “It all started with a mouse”, but for ScanCorner “It all started with a muse”. One day, Godmother of one of the co-founders, thought of digitizing the photo collection from her world trip 30 years back and share those images with the world. She approached Eric, one of the co-founders, to find an affordable solution for digitizing her collection. Eric wasn’t able to find an affordable solution for digitization in Switzerland and thus thought of outsourcing the digitization & restoration work to India.

This set the ball rolling and in a span of 6 months ScanCorner, a professional photo digitization and restoration company came into existence.

ScanCorner Advantage

At ScanCorner, we know the importance of these photos have in a person’s life. So, we give utmost attention to preserving these precious memories. Each and every image is first air cleaned and then manually scanned using very high quality state-of-art dedicated photo scanners. Later, each scanned image is processed for color correctionbrightness adjustmentscratch & blemish removalshadow adjustmentred-eye removal and dust removal by highly qualified image processing technicians.

One of the motives of digitizing these old photos is to share with friends and family. The best platforms to do that are email & social networking sites. To make the job of sharing images with friends & family easier for you, we create an online gallery containing the thumbnail (resized) version of these images and send the link to customer. Customer can then easily share those images with friends and family. Take a look at our sample gallery. And the best part is, all these are provided as part of our standard service which is just INR 19 per scan.

What if you loose the DVD containing digitized images even before you created multiple copies of it? We don’t want you to pay again and again for the same service. So, we offer a 45 days scanned images backup at our server facility for our customer orders. So, if in case you loose your DVD during this period from the time of processing your order, you can get a new DVD with images from us at a nominal price.

With all these end to end services included in our standard service, we are the most competitive ones in our chosen field, photo and video preservation.