How It Works – For Photos

Place order online and send us the originals. We take care of the rest!!!

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Creating the Scan Job:

    • Create an account and log in to
    • Place an order and give us your delivery address.

Send Us Your Photo Material:

    • Pack it all in a sturdy cardboard box and tape it together well.
    • Send the package to our shipping address (recommended: with Track & Trace).
    • Sit back and relax, because your part is done now!

Photos are Digitized Following Strict Security Procedures:

    • Your order will be opened with the manager watching.
    • We weigh your order and count your photos..
    • Our policy requires that: Only one of our highly-qualified staff will do the scanning job.
    • Our scanning center is under video surveillance at all times.
    • Once the order is finished, material and weight are checked again by the manager.

Your Images Are Uploaded onto the Server and We Will Notify You:

    • We upload the images to the server and notify you via e-mail.
    • Your directory on the server is password protected, so we will send you a password via e-mail.
    • Click on the link sent to you and enter your password to view and share the thumbnail versions of the digital images in your personal online gallery.
    • After 45 days, we will remove your images from the server.

We Will Send Your Original Photos Back Along with the DVD/USB:

    • We will provide you the Download link to the high resolution images for free.
    • If you opt, you will also get the personalised DVD and USB transported back to you.

You Pay for Our Service:

    • Simply pay by bank transfer

Packaging Tips

We often get enquiries on how to package the orders, how to label them, what kind of packaging material to be used and so on. We hope the information collected here will illustrate these aspects.
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