Today, most people love to take photographs of everything that they do. Some have even made it a routine to take photos on every occasion. This is possible due to the advent of digital photography and low cost mobile phones with built-in cameras. Technology also enables us to secure these memories by automatically saving these photographs onto cloud, SD Card and Hard Disk. But, what about those photographs that were taken before the digital photography came into existence? In all probability, these photographs are stored in some shoe boxes and stacked away in the cup boards. But are you aware that these photographs get deteriorated over time due to moisture, dust and humidity? There is a real need to handle these photographs effectively as major part of our lives precious moments were captured in analog format and we can’t let them just slip away.

Listed below are the steps on how you can take care of your analog pictures:

  1. Handle with care.
  2. Keep these photographs in non-dusty and non-humid areas.
  3. Avoid touching their surface directly. As much as possible hold them by their edges.
  4. Wear fine cotton gloves if you need to hold the surface of the photos.
  5. Don’t ever write or put any mark at the back of the photographs.
  6. Use a soft pencil if it is really necessary to make a temporary identification on the photo.

Despite of all these, analog photographs go through a natural aging process due to chemical reactions. Colors start fading away, scratches appear on the photos, and the photos become too fragile to handle. So, the best way to preserve these memories is through digitization of these photographs. Digitization will enable you to convert these photographs into a high quality digital format and then preserve them onto cloud, DVDs or in your hard disk.

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