Christmas is once again just around the corner. For sure you are now starting to think of the best gifts that you could give to your family, friends, and loved ones. If you don’t want to fuss around the mall to find the right gift for your loved ones, then the following gift ideas might be best for you.

  1. Family History CD

One of the best gifts you could give to your loved ones is a CD that contains the history of your family. You can conduct a research on your family’s genealogy. You may also collect photos, scanned document images and videos which will be artistically collated and digitized then saved in your family history CD.

You may also opt for the creation of a digital scrapbook or slideshow which also contains your family’s genealogy. You can have your photos scanned or digitized and have them creatively designed into a slideshow or digital scrapbook.

  1. Printable Photo Calendar

A calendar is also one of the wonderful gifts that you can share with your family. You can have your calendar creatively made in a personalized manner by adding your family photos in its background. You can also put the pictures of your family members on the dates of their birthdays or anniversaries. You may also create a calendar that commemorates the memories of your ancestors by putting their old photos into the calendar.

This gift idea is very inexpensive yet the happiness that your loved ones would feel will be priceless.

  1. Photo Christmas Ornaments

If you want to share a gift that your family would enjoy throughout the Christmas season, you can have miniature frames with your family photos created and you can hang them on your Christmas tree.

The process is quite easy, you pick the best and memorable photos of you with your family and loved ones then have these photos scanned, resized and printed to fit the miniature Victorian ornament frames. You may also have these photos printed on glass balls.

  1. Family Cookbook or Recipe Cards

One of the most overlooked heirlooms of families are old family recipes. Special dishes tell a lot about your family’s history, religion and culture. Most families have recipes that are handed down through generations. You can collect all these recipes and give credits to those members of your family who are famous for cooking these recipes; you can add their names and pictures on recipes that they cook best. Have these recipes printed and bound like a book or recipe cards.

Nothing beats a gift that is unique, personalized and sincerely-made. The gift ideas mentioned above all intends to preserve your memories with your family, friends and loved ones in a manner that cost-effective yet creative.

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