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About Us

Why has ScanCorner setup scan processing center in India?

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Why should you choose ScanCorner over other companies?

We would like to brief you on why scan corner is ideal for your digitization works rather than choosing other companies:

  • No other provider offers you so much service for so little money! When making a comparison, look out for hidden costs.
  • Despite the excellent technology, manual post-processing is inevitable for the best result. After digitization, each image is post-processed by our employees. This includes color and brightness correction or the removal of remaining scratches or cracks. That is the reason why ScanCorner is so popular with many of our customers.
  • After the editing process, you have the option of viewing your pictures and films in advance and sharing them conveniently with your family, friends and relatives. If you are not satisfied, you can let us know and we will correct it!
  • If you have placed a standard order, you will receive a personalized DVD including images of your order. Due to the attractive packaging, the DVD is also ideal as a gift.
  • So that you don't have to wait long for the DVD (s) to be delivered and you can exchange your memories quickly and conveniently, we also provide you with a download link for a period of two weeks after completion of digitization.
  • When dealing with personal data, transparency is very important. You will be informed by us about every processing step and you can track your order as soon as it has left our house with the help of the tracking option of the Swiss Post.
  • We only promise the best quality of our service. For you, this means that you first have to pay the bill after digitization and after the image / video preview. So you only pay when you are satisfied!Our customer service representatives are trained photo porters and will be happy to help you with any questions or problems. Contact us, we look forward to your call!
I want to contribute to ScanCorner, how to approach you?

We are so glad to hear that, if you want to contribute to Scancorner, kindly drop an email to with the details.

Can you provide the brief background of founders?

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What is the total team size working on ScanCorner?

Our total team at Scancorner India is of 50 employees who work on scanning, restoration, packing and video/audio capturing processes.

Photo Scanning

Do you take the slides out of the frame, when you scan them?

With glass slides we have to remove the frames in order to achieve an optimal scan result. After digitizing, the pictures are framed again.

How long the high-resolution images will be saved?

We can save the images upto 45days after the completion of the order.

Can I mark on the negative strip images that I do not want to have scanned Or can I cut the strips (cut off unwanted photos)? If so, how many pictures must minimally be present on the strip, so that the negatives can be scanned?

This is possible for a small surcharge. Scancorner normally scans the entire negative strip, which is easier to use and therefore more efficient. If you do not need a few images in your collection of negatives, we recommend that you digitize the entire range and make the selection later on the PC, which will save you a lot of time. If you only want to have a few negatives digitized, please note this when ordering and clearly mark the selected images.

The link to my online gallery doesn't work.

We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If this does not solve the problem or it solves itself, please send us a message to 

I have a big amount of images. How much fits on a DVD?

In a DVD we can fit up to 4Gb of data, according to the quantity of images you have we can provide the data in multiple DVDs.

Can you delete images or whole files, if I don't like them?

Yes,we can delete the whole files or images if you don't want them.

The pictures in the online gallery don't look that spectacular. Why? Is there something wrong?

Online gallery contains low resolution images which are only meant for preview. After the payment is made a download link is provided to the customer with high resolution images.

For how long the gallery link be active?

Gallery link will be active for 60 days after the link is shared to the customer.

Why do you provide an online gallery?

Online gallery is provided to preview the scanned files by the customer and to collect the feedback if any.

Can ScanCorner scan the image for me (and then restore)?

Yes, we can scan and restore the images once we receive the images.

I don't have the digital photo. How can i send it for restoration?

You can send us the analog image, from that we can scan and restore the data for you.

I have sent you my whole photo collection, but I just want to scan some particular pictures, is this possible?

Yes, you can mark or select the photos you want us to scan and restore with an applicable additional charge.

Is it better to save the photos on CD or DVD?

We recommend you to save the photos in DVD as we have more storage space.

How do you ensure that the pictures aren't reversed?

Negatives and Slides have a defined front and back. Checking this is part of our standard process. However, if individual slides have been lined up the wrong way round, scanned images may also be reversed. Please check this when you look at your online gallery and let us know your comments at

Why is it better to scan negatives than photos?

A photo is a processed form of a negative. If you develop a negative as a photo, you always lose image information - the resolution. Since the photos are used more often, negatives are often in better condition than photos. Therefore, it is generally better to digitize negatives.

Which scanner do you use?

We use the Epson V800 and V850 scanners for smaller and medium-sized albums. Our Epson Workforce DS-5000 is also used for larger albums.

What sizes of negatives do you digitize?

We digitize 35mm(colour and B&W), 110mm, 126mm, 127mm, APS films, Medium format Negative 6x9cm, Large negative format 10x15cm and 20x25cm

Do you digitize medium format negatives?

Yes, we do digitize medium format negatives.

Can you burn the digitized photos on CD?

Yes, we can burn the digitized photos on CD.

Do you digitize disc negatives?

Yes, we do digitize disc negatives.

I have 2 negatives to scan, can you scan those for me?

Yes, we can scan them at a minimum order value.

Do you cut the film while scanning?

Only at APS do we cut your film into strips of 4 images.

What is Digital ICE?

Digital Image Correction and Enhancement (Digital ICE) is a manufacturer-independent technology for digital image correction that is integrated in many high-quality scanning devices. It works very reliably and guarantees a significant improvement in image quality as soon as it is scanned, as dust, scratches and other surface damage are automatically removed.

I lost my scanned images and also lost the CD. What next?

At ScanCorner we store the media upto 45days, so you can contact us at mentioning your order details.

Why should you digtize old photos/negatives/slides ?

Because analog photos, slides and negatives don’t last long. They fade over time.

How much time will it take to restore a photo?

We take an average of 2-3 minutes to work on a single photo to remove the dust, cropping and colour enhancements. If the image is highly damaged we go for advanced restoration process which may take upto one day.

Why do my B&W photos still have scratches whereas color ones don't ?

This may happen due to poor original image quality while restoration.

Is the original photo I send to you safe? Do you alter the original?

Yes, the original photo is safe and we don't alter the original image as we duplicate the image and make the changes.

Do you offer free estimates?

Yes, we do offer free estimates upto 5 pictures.

Can I watch the DVDs you send in the DVD player?

Yes, once the DVD is produced you can watch it in your DVD player.

What are my various post scanning storage options?

Optical storage media (burned)

CD & DVD: 5 - 10 years

  • Hard disk (HDD)

2 - 10 years (built-in hard drive)
10 - 30 years (external hard drive)

  • USB stick, flash memory

10 - 30 years (as a backup)

  • We recommend that you back up your precious memories on two storage media in order to avoid sudden and unintentional loss. Alternatively, you can also save your files on a cloud such as Dropbox, Onedrive or similar.
How big can I enlarge the scanned pictures?

We digitize your slides and negatives with a resolution of 3000 dpi, which corresponds approximately to the resolution of a digital camera with 10 megapixels.

Can my friends and family view my online gallery?

Yes, you can share the link with your friends and family to view the online gallery.

How do you send the soft copies to me after scanning is done?

We will send you the soft copies through download links.

What kind of technical knowledge is required?

No technical knowledge is required to place an order.

I still want to scan by myself, how to do it?

If you want to scan by yourself, you need to have the scanning equipment and hands on experience to scan and restore the images without damaging them.

Can't I scan images myself?

You can simply send an email and get them scanned by us instead of buying the whole setup.

How to place order for Photo Restoration?

Kindly check your website for more options to place an order with us.

Why should we outsource to a service company?

As we are in the line of business from past 10 years and have enough expertise in the scanning and restoration process. Its better to outsource rather than erasing the memories forever.


How does the video conversion pricing work?

The pricing depends upon on the category of the video tape falls. For more information on pricing please visit our website link

What are the prices for the conversion of super 8mm film?

We charge according to the category in which the super 8mm film falls, you can check the pricing on our website.

Which price do you charge, when I want to have the unedited originals back?

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Does ScanCorner also offer volume discounts for video material?

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How can I get the quotation for my order?

To obtain a quotation from us all you need to do is send an email or whatsapp us with the required details so that we can revert you with the quote.

Are there hidden costs involved in the scanning?

There are no hidden costs involved in the scanning process, if at all there are any extra rework on the order we will inform you before hand for your approval.

Are you the lowest scanning service provider present?

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What is the pricing you charge for scanning/converting various formats?

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Does shipping cost extra?

We do charge extra for shipping and it will be included in the quotation.

What are the various payment options available?

We currently offer the following payment options for our services:

  • Paypal
  • Transfer
  • After the digitization is complete, you will receive an automated email with payment details and further information
How is the service billed?

The service is billed through an email from our operations team.


What are the various resolutions you scan images at?

It should be noted that the maximum resolution can vary depending on the medium. A maximum resolution of 1200 dpi is possible for a photo, while a resolution of 4000 or 5000 dpi is possible for slides and negatives.

ScanCorner scans slides and negatives at 3000 dpi and paper prints at 600 dpi, which corresponds to the optimal compromise between quality and file size. On request and for a small surcharge, we can also scan these formats with 4000 dpi or 1200 dpi. 

How much does 3000 DPI correspond to in terms of Pixels?
What is DPI?

Dpi stands for “dots per inch”, ie how many pixels there are per inch (2.54cm). The higher the number of pixels over a given length, the higher the scan quality. 

How do you ensure the quality of scans?

At ScanCorner, each of your images is manually post-processed by our employees. This is not an empty advertising promise, but our quality feature and is included in both our standard and the Eco-Scan! Only with this process can we guarantee you our first-class scan quality.

Registration & My Account

What payment methods do you offer?

We currently offer the following payment options for our services:

  • Paypal
  • Transfer
  • After the digitization is complete, you will receive an automated email with payment details and further information
When will my registration details be deleted?

We will automatically deactivate your account after one year of inactivity. If you wish to deactivate it earlier, please send us an email to or contact us by phone.

How can I open an account?

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What to do if there are problems with the order or the labeling of the photos, slides etc.?

We try to keep the order you want after digitization. However, we would like to point out that a comprehensive control of the labels and sequence cannot be guaranteed.

My order status is still in 'Order Received'. When can I expect the digitized images?

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Do you accept international orders?

You are welcome to use our services from abroad. However, please note the increased shipping costs to your home country. If you are interested, please send us an email:

I want to change my account details, can I change those?

Your account details can be changed at any time. To do this, click on the "Log in" button on our website and then on "Edit profile". Your current order will not be changed. Please note that your current order will still be sent to the address given when you placed your order. If you wish to change your address, please let us know by phone or email.

Can I check my order status online?

After each completed processing step, you will receive an automated status message from us. If you still want to check your current processing status on our website, please click on the "Log in" button and log in. The current status information is then displayed.

What are your customer service hours?

You can reach us on +91 7396270262 from Mon- Sat 9:00 am- 9:00 pm or at any time at

Is it possible to cancel my order?

Your order can be canceled until digitization begins. Please contact our customer service by phone or email. However, if we have already received your film material, we will charge you the postage for the return shipment.


How long will the high-resolution images be saved?

We save the data upto 45 days with us after the completion of the order.

How do you provide the high resolution scans?

We provide you the high-resolution scans through a download link, where you can download and save the media.

What if my personalized DVDs do not work?
For how long ScanCorner keeps a copy of my photos?

We keep copies of the scanned photos up to 45 days.


Where is the scanning work done?

The  scanning and restoration work is done at our office space near Sheelanagar, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

How to package the video materials?

Please always send your video tapes in the slip-in sleeve of the VHS so that they are well protected when they are sent on their way. It is also advisable to send this in a padded letter or in a package that is impermeable to water.

How to pack the images?

Photos and negatives are usually kept in envelopes or folders. Protect your media from unwanted moisture with a plastic cover and send it to us as a package. We recommend that you use the parcel shipping method to avoid accidental kinking.

How to label the photos?

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How does ScanCorner ensure the privacy of my images?

The privacy and protection of your images is of central importance to us. In order to prevent the misuse of your material and to protect your privacy, each order is only processed by one employee. In addition, there is no internet access on our internal servers. We can guarantee that your private memories will never be viewed by third parties.

Is it safe to send photos by courier?

We recommend that you send your order as an insured package. This enables parcel tracking and your parcel won't get lost on the way to us.
Once we have received your order, it will be repacked in sturdy transport boxes and sent to our scan center with other orders. We work with DHL and Fedex, which are known in India as very reliable parcel service providers. After completing your order, we will send your order back with a tracking number. So you can be sure that your order can be tracked at any time during transport and will not be lost.

What safety measures do you take during scanning?

We are pleased that you place your trust in us with your order. In the following, we will introduce you to our safety concepts in the individual departments and process steps.

(a) Data protection for image material : After we have received your order, it will be assigned to an employee who is responsible for it throughout the entire process. During digitization, but also during manual post-processing, we make sure that your images cannot leave our premises. Our workplaces are not connected to the Internet and there is therefore security against misuse. After the digitization and post-processing has been completed, we will load your order in encrypted form into our online gallery. Only you will receive the access link. To complete your order, your media will be burned onto a customized DVD and uploaded for download. This link will be automatically removed within a two-week period. For a repeat order, we will keep your order as a backup for another 60 days.

(b) Work process control: Dealing with sensitive documents requires a secure process chain. As soon as we receive your order, it is registered with us and can be tracked at any time. While you receive an automatic status message after every completed work process, every employee is noted internally and we know, for example, B. who processed your order when and what he did with it. This means that we can not only prevent originals from falling into the wrong hands, but also rule out that an order is lost.

(c) Sophisticated logistics: We recommend that you send your order as an insured package. This enables parcel tracking and your parcel won't get lost on the way to us.
Once we have received your order, it will be repacked in sturdy transport boxes and sent to our scan center with other orders. We work with DHL and Fedex, which are known in India as very reliable parcel service providers. After completing your order, we will send your order back with a tracking number. So you can be sure that your order can be tracked at any time during transport and will not be lost.

(d) Security precautions from the customer's point of view: We endeavor to avoid any transport and data protection risk, so we ask you to send your order safely in stable and unbreakable boxes on the one hand and to enclose your order confirmation on the other. In this way, problem-free delivery can also be guaranteed for the part of the transport route where the customer is liable. Please also inform us in good time if you do not want an online gallery or a download link. We will of course take these wishes into account.

Video Conversion

Can I select only a particular section of video to be digitized?

Yes, you can select a particular section of video to be digitized, but you need to mention the duration time.

How long will it take to digitize the videos?

It depends upon the quantity you send us. The minimum time we take to digitize any video is 4-6 weeks.

Can I also digitize my Mini-DVDs with you?

Yes, we can also digitize Mini-DVDs.

Do you also offer .mov at the conversion from video-format?

Yes, we do provide .mov format at the conversion from the video format.

Can you burn the digitized videos on CD?

Yes, we do burn the digitized videos on CD/DVD.

Audio is distorted in Hi8 cassette. Can you sort it?

Yes, we can sort the distorted audio in Hi8 Cassette.

Video is distorted in Hi8 cassette. Can you sort it?

Yes, we can sort the distorted video in Hi8 Cassettes.

What other variants of VHS Cassettes you digitize?

We can digitize VHS, SVHS and VHS-C formats.

I have huge collection of Video Cassettes, can you give me a quote?

We request you to email the quantity and requirements to our email So that we can get back to you with a quote for the same.

Do you retain sound track when digitizing Super 8mm films?

Yes, we do retain sound track(if it has) while digitizing Super 8mm film.

What various video formats do you support?

We provide the output video of .mpg, .avi, .mov, and .mp4 formats.

Will there be audio on my DVD?

Yes, if your DVD has audio in it, we can provide you the output with audio.

Do you customize the DVD?

Yes, we do customize the DVD with our ScanCorner logo embedded on it.

Can I play digitized videos in DVD Player?

Yes, once the video is digitized you can enjoy playing it in your DVD player.

Do the employees watch video while digitization?

To edit and process the video, our employees need to keep a watch on the film while processing. But the privacy is take care where only a dedicated employee can watch and edit the film.

Do you store my digitized video after my order is complete?

Yes, we do store the digitized video after the completion of order upto 45 days.

Can I send in both photos and video at the same time?

Yes, you can send  us the photos and videos at the same time.

Will I get to review my video content before I receive my DVD?

Yes, we do provide a link where you can preview the 3 minutes of the entire video and let us know the feedback if any.