Have you ever wondered how photography as a hobby originated? Let this article help you learn more about the origin of this hobby.

Since 1900, photography has been the world’s most popular hobby. The art of photography as well as the significant techniques and equipment being used in this form of art have been invented by hobbyists, namely: Joseph Niephore Niepce, Karl Benz, Oskar Barnack, Leopold Godowsky, Jr., Leopold Mannes and Thomas Knoll.

Here is the chronological order of events of which photography has evolved as an art and hobby.

In 1807, Joseph Nicephore Niepce invented the internal combustion engine.

In 1820, the first fixed-image photography was developed.

During the early to mid-1900s, the photo hobbyists were concerned about their cameras and lenses as well as darkroom magic. As the years progressed, more and more hobbyists opted to send their work to laboratories for developing and printing.

In the 1980s, hobbyists adopted the color print photography because the film already became inexpensive. They still have their work developed and printed through laboratories. By this time, photography as hobby on evolved around acquiring cameras, lenses and filters.

During the 1990s, digital photography was introduced. Digital, in this period, meant scanning the film and playing with in the computer.

In the mid-2000s, the hobbyists who lay-lowed from the art of photography were enticed to return to their first love because of digital photography.

Today, photography as a hobby has already retreated away from shooting and gone back to playing with the computer. Most hobbyists are now concerned about Lightroom or Camera Raw, profiles, workflows, HDR and the like.

In conclusion, let us be vigilant of ourselves. We should not let our hobby in photography concentrate on just the equipment and techniques. We should always remember that photography is all about creating good pictures that we will treasure for a lifetime.