Knowing the military history of a family in detail used to be difficult, but now we have access to the collection of the records of the soldiers of the First World War which includes a vast collection of letters, diaries, maps and photographs as the files go digital.

Library and Archives Canada holds the digitized records of the soldiers from the First World War making it possible for anyone with the military background to unearth the history. With the basic information and right approach one can easily track the history of their ancestors who served in the military or in any of the wars.

Canada’s National Archives site has the names and personal files of all Canadian soldiers from both the world wars which serves as a link to those interested in finding the military roots in their family tree. A lot of information that was not known earlier is now available. The documents range from service records, images, interesting personal and service related information. Things are getting simpler with so much of information online and as time goes on more resources will make its way.

Canadian soldiers on leave in Paris, 1945

Canadian soldiers on leave in Paris, 1945(Courtesy Historica-Dominion Institute)