If you’re new in the social media world, you might have encountered several posts that have the hash tag Throwback Thursday. Surely you are wondering what Throwback Thursday means. It is the name that is used to call the weekly post theme wherein social media users participate in a “throwback” activity of posting contents that came from the past.

During Thursdays, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook users post photos that were shot in the past. These photos may have been taken in the previous years and there are no specific limitations in terms of posting.  Once users have posted their photos they make sure that they use tags in their photos that indicates that it is intended to be a part of the Throwback Thursday activity. The most common tags that are being used in these kinds of posts are #tbt and #throwbackthursday.

This trend basically started on Instagram in 2011, not too long after the network started to add hashtags into their feature.  During that time, Instagram’s iPhone app enabled their users to search for their oldest tags on the file and it also allowed them to repost it.

In February 2012, users started to regularly look up or use the Throwback Thursday theme and since that time, the interest of social media users in using this hash tag method of posting has substantially increased.

Throwback Thursday has now quickly invaded the other social networks, including Facebook, Twitter and Thumblr. Some users have also extended their method of posting by adding videos as well as songs into their Throwback Thursday posts.

Interested in following the trend?

It is actually easy to follow and join millions of other social media users in this trending activity. You only have to post a picture of anything that you want to share and use the tag #throwbackthursday or #tbt.  But keep in mind that even through you have the freedom in choosing what picture to post, you have to remember that followers of this theme will not like it if you post photos taken just 12 hours or a week ago. What other users would want to see are photos of you that were taken way back during your middle school years or the prom season and other memorable events in your life which happened at least five years ago.

Now you’re ready! Enjoy your Throwback Thursday!