Please follow the below instructions for packaging negatives

1. Cut out the negatives and/or slides if they are not separated.
2. Don’t send us the same photos as both prints and originals (negatives). Usually, the part where the negatives are packaged is removed from the remaining jacket. If both are sent, we will scan both and you will have to pay for both.
3. If they are not already in groups, create groups of your negatives. Later we will create folders for each group of negatives.
4. If you are worried about losing some negative strips, wrap them separately, e.g. in an envelope.
5. Number the envelopes if you want them scanned in a specific order.

Illustration: Negatives in a Typical Envelope


We hope this gives you some idea about how to package your material. If you have any questions regarding packaging you can always send us an email at