Please follow the below instructions to packages slides

Loose Slides

1. Group the slides. Later we will create folders for each of these groups.
2. We scan in the order of slides, i.e. as they appear in a projector (with the slide bar coming first). If you want them scanned in a different order, please let us know.
3. Pack them into smaller groups and put one or two rubber bands or an aluminum foil around them. Make sure the group is not too big; you can combine the slides later. 10 to 20 slides per batch is good.

Illustration: Packaging of Loose Slides

slidesinstacks2 slidesinstacks1 individualslides individualslides1

Slides in Trays or Carousels
1. You can send us your slides in trays or carousels if you want to protect them from dust and prevent them from falling out during shipping.
2. Normally, we create folders for each tray or each carousel. If you wish, you can define in advance the start of a new group by using labels.
3. We will scan the slides according to the numbers in the carousel, or else the numbering of the images if that is apparent.
4. Number the trays / magazines / carousels if you want a specific order in the online gallery.
We hope this gives you some idea about how to package your material. If you have any questions regarding packaging you can always send us an email at