Take a look at how we catalogue your analog material

Photo Catalouging

At ScanCorner we catalog all the analogue photos we receive. We number them and organize them so you can find your photos easily and without much effort. Imagine you have a huge collection of photographs strewn across several albums, envelopes, and slide boxes. One day you were rummaging through the album and wanted to find specific images because you wanted to share them with your close friends. Normally, you would have to look at each photo individually until you find the ones you are looking for. At ScanCorner we know how hard it is to search for a particular image. Therefore, we have a unique mechanism of photo cataloging that saves you 90% of the time it would take to look through a physical album. Plus, we will digitize the entire collection and give you a DVD containing all the images.

Analogue Folders

Analog Folder DescriptionEach slide box, album, and envelope corresponds to one folder where you will find a ScanCorner sticker indicating the path and the total number of photos. This path is the path where you will find the images on the DVD. So if you hold a photo in hand and want to find it on the DVD, then you only need to follow the path of the label on the DVD.

DVD Folders

Folder Description SoftNow suppose you want to search in the opposite direction where you saw a picture on the DVD and want to find the analogue copy. To do this, we scan the label on the hard copy and upload it as the folder label (see picture left). This folder description is basically a scan of the text, which can be found on the album. Thus, you can easily locate the analogue copy of the image.


All analog images are well-arranged in slide boxes, albums and frames. Sometimes we use our own envelopes to sort the analogue copies. At ScanCorner we use envelopes and boxes to store custom analogue photos of various sizes and formats. We use these boxes only if we really need them, and the type and quantity of boxes depends on the situation.